Rob Zombie's Halloween II on Tubi
April 11th, 2021
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Danielle Harris joins Patreon
April 2nd, 2021
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March News Round-up
March 22nd, 2021
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Rob Zombie rebooting The Munsters
March 11th, 2021
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Signs of the Sojourner
March 5th, 2021
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February 20th, 2021
Halloween II (1981) Merchandise News / 
February 19th, 2021
Halloween (1978) Literature News / 
RLJE's Son
February 10th, 2021
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Danielle Harris joins Patreon
February 10th, 2021
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Eli Roth's Borderlands
February 9th, 2021
Jamie Lee Curtis News / 
February 7th, 2021
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Legend of Halloween
February 6th, 2021
David Gordon Green Halloween (1978) Literature News / 
February 6th, 2021
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January 9th, 2021
Halloween Kills News / 
October 28th, 2020
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October 15th, 2020
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August 6th, 2020
Halloween (1978) Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later Halloween Resurrection Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers Home Video News / 
July 30th, 2020
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