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  • Palm trees and cypresses can be seen in the background during the film. Neither tree grows in Illinois.
  • When Aaron describes Judith’s death, he says that Michael sliced the base of her skull, scraping her spinal column. However, Michael actually stabbed Judith in the chest eight times.
  • While talking, Allyson and her friends pass a lawn that features a fake tombstone with the letters RIP on it. In the next shot, they are now they are passing by a plastic skull positioned in front of a tree.
  • When Aaron is pumping gas at the gas station, the display behind him is blank, revealing that no gas is actually being pumped.
  • Dr. Sartain’s head is smashed to pulp by Michael’s foot. When the cops investigate his body later, his head isn’t nearly as damaged.
  • The beginning of the film showed that Laurie has gates and a CCTV system, so Michael wouldn’t have been able to freely drive in the location.
  • Ray’s body is moved despite Michael having had no time to do so.