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Production Trivia

  • David Gordon Green & Danny McBride originally conceived the revival as two separate films to be shot back-to-back before ultimately deciding to go with one film. Some of their ideas were later incorporated into Halloween Kills, which was announced alongside its sequel Halloween Ends.
  • The first day of production was the first time Jamie Lee Curtis and Malek Akkad had seen each other since the death of Moustapha Akkad. Jamie Lee Curtis said she cried as soon as she saw him.
  • This is the first film to have John Carpenter’s involvement since Season of the Witch. He returned as an executive producer and to score the film after a meeting with David Gordon Green & Danny McBride, appreciating that the film was closer to his original intention than any of the sequels.
  • The first Halloween film to be filmed in South Carolina, as well as the first Halloween film to be filmed in the Eastern Time Zone.
  • The first Halloween film to shot completely digitally.

Cast Trivia

  • One of the people responsible for helping to facilitate the pitch meeting between David Gordon Green & Danny Bride and Jamie Lee Curtis was Jamie Lee Curtis’ godson Jake Gyllenhaal.
  • Emma Roberts and Lucy Hale both personally met with David Gordon Green to talk about auditioning for the role of Allyson, but production decided to mirror the original film and cast an unknown actress for the part.

General Trivia

  • The film was released on October 19, which is the birthday of Michael Myers.
    • Halloween was also the first Halloween film to be released in October since The Revenge of Michael Myers.
  • The police radio a “disturbance at 707 Meridian”, which was the actual address of the original Myers house used in Halloween.
  • Though a direct sequel to the original Halloween, this film features easter eggs and nods to the other sequels, such as:
    • A teenager carrying a Boombox when Halloween night arrives in Haddonfield, a reference to where Michael learned Laurie’s location from in Halloween II.
    • The yard that Oscar is left in belongs to Mr. Elrod, the name of the elderly couple from which Michael stole his knife from in Halloween II.
    • Three trick-or-treaters can be seen wearing masks similar to the Silver Shamrock masks in Season of the Witch.
    • The gas station where Michael regains his mask and jump-suit is a replica of the one used in The Return of Michael Myers.
  • Halloween became the highest-grossing film in the franchise in just its opening weekend. Additionally, it was the
    • biggest horror movie opening with a female lead;
    • biggest movie opening (regardless of gender) with a female lead over 55;
    • second-biggest horror movie opening ever after 2017’s It: Chapter One;
    • second-biggest October opening ever after Venom;
    • highest-grossing slasher film of all-time, overtaking the previous record set by 1995’s Scream.
  • The first cut of the film ran for 135 minutes without any credits.
  • Allyson’s friends tease that her family should just skip Halloween and celebrate Christmas early. Later on, Karen is wearing a Christmas sweater and her phone has been set ahead to November 1.